Tourism sisterhood Nepal association (TSNA) is a non-profit organization founded by professional ladies of Travel Trade, Hospitality and aviation industry with an aim to empower and uplift women through tourism and help reduce gender gap by providing leadership and skills enhancement platform, fostering sisterhood and friendship among different women involved in Tourism. We focus on amalgamate academic knowledge with employability skills for women in tourism entrepreneurship. Women now have equal access to education but still lack skills and self-confidence to break through the social and financial barriers. Therefore, we need proper training, guidance and mentorship especially for able and willing women in the tourism sector.


“TSNA aims to carry out its mission with 4P’s that are integral component to our programs”

Power: Self-Esteem and Confidence Development

Through self-esteem development program we intend to develop self-confidence of the upcoming female leaders through skills and self-development program.

Purpose: Leadership Training and Mentorship

In the development of leadership and mentor-ship, women gain ability and conviction to become a successful leader.

Platform: Job Placement and Exposure

We will facilitate to provide job opportunities to young women in par with their skills and competencies in Tourism and hospitality Industry.

Passion: Zest and Eagerness

We aim to promote young passionate tourism enthusiast who are very inquisitive to pursue their tourism carrier facing all challenges.

"Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right"-Achievements